Municipality of Prilep
Municipality of Prilep
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Water resources

Hydrography includes the water flows of Orevoechka, Dabnichka, Selecka and Suva Reka (with sources north of the village Volkovo). All water flows meet southwest of the urban area in the Prilep River, which after 13.5 km flows into Crna River with an average flow of 0.18 m3/sec. River flows Orevoechka and Dabnichka river are regulated throughout the urban area. The slopes of Marko's Towers Hill and Zelenik from the north and Selecka mountain from the west and southwest are largely dissected with torrential gullies that in times of disasters, despite the created rim canals because of their inadequate maintenance, they carry silt and other detritus down the city streets.

Static groundwater level ranges from 1.0 to 4.0 m below the ground.

Water management