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Water management

Prilep region owns relatively weak water resources. Thus water-supply with drinking water is done through Hydro Studenchica whose spring is located away from Prilep municipality.

The greatest accumulation is the Artificial Lake which primarily serves to irrigate farmland. This lake is also an important tourist destination because it is stocked and therefore an excellent opportunity for fishing and recreation.

Important water resources are the so called small reservoirs such as Volkovo 1, Volkovo 2 and Pletvar. They are restocked and used for irrigation and for recreational fishing.

Most rivers flowing through the municipality of Prilep are dry ravine rivers, that is, they appear occasionally. Rivers that run through the municipality of Prilep are: Orevoechka, Dabnichka, Selecka and Suva Reka.


Water-supply in Prilep

Water-supply with drinking water in Prilep falls under the obligation of PE “Komunalec”. Before construction of the system "Studencica" Prilep often faced with water shortages. This was especially emphasized in the early 1990s. As a result, many key industries have built their own resources, mostly wells. These additional sources of water must be taken into account to determine the volume of wastewater. Dimensioning of the wastewater treatment plant is further complicated by connecting to the sewer system. It is estimated that:

  • Around 70% of the households are connected;
  • Many industrial consumers, including also those with their own resources, are not connected.

Table for consumption and production of water for the supply area of PE Komunalec (million m3)

  Home Industry Schools Municipality Total consumpt. Total production
1994 3.024 1.547 58 74 4.730 9.589
1995 2.953 1.586 69 75 4.682 10.288
1996 3.004 1.607 80 77 4.782 8.946
1997 3.157 1.488 107 79 4.831 10.855


Own sources

In addition to the above stated water consumption, several key industries in Prilep have their own resources, including:


- Textile factory - “BILJANA”

This facility has two wells of which only one is in use. The well has a capacity of 8l/sec and works throughout the day to satisfy the needs of production, mostly manufacture of cotton wool. There is no production on Sundays or public holidays. This indicates that the annual production is about 200,000 m3.

- Prilepska Pivarnica AD (Prilep Brewery JSC)

Prilepska pivarnica is a factory for beer and soft drinks. The factory owns five wells, and plans to build two more. The organization estimates that the annual consumption is about 3 mil.m3.

- Mermeren Kombinat

Mermeren Kombinat has a well with capacity of 6l/sec. Produced water is used in the process of manufacture and is recycled. Fraction of water is discharged. Therefore, in the present analysis this demand can be ignored.

- Tutunski Kombinat

Raw water needs of this plant are met by "the Artificial lake" so the distribution system of water supply organization is not used. This water is mainly used for gardening and cleaning at the three factories of Tutuskiot Kombinat. Fraction of this water returns to the sewer system. The total demand for water in Prilep, without the demand of the marble factory and the tobacco factory is estimated to be about 14 mil.m3.

Water that is supplied directly from PE Komunalec is shown to be 10,8 mil.m3. It should be noted that most of the additionally consumed water is used in industrial processes and therefore does not enter the sewer system.


Household demand for water

Domestic demand makes up about two thirds of the total demand in Prilep, and grew on average by about 1.4% annually since 1994. The total number of domestic consumers in 1997 was 20,932, which means an average daily consumption of about 410 liters per household. The total population in Prilep that uses PE “Komunalec” services, according to municipal sources, is estimated to be approximately 71.200 with average size of family of 3.4. The average consumption per capita is about 120 liters a day.


Number of population

The population of Prilep, is predicted to increase according to historical growth rates of 1.7% per year, resulting in increase of the number of population from about 70,000 to over 100,000 by 2020. The number of consumers is projected to increase from the current 20,900 to around 32,200 homes connected to the network by 2020.

Water management