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Trade companies


Tutunski Kombinat AD

Tutunski Kombinat AD (Tobacco Institute JSC) Prilep since its foundation back in the distant year 1873, has always been a synonym for quality oriental tobacco and various types of cigarettes.




Vitaminka AD Prilep

Food industry JSC Vitaminka Prilep was founded in the year 1956. Today, Vitaminka is a joint-stock company with its Assembly, Supervisory Board and Board of Directors.

Production program of Vitaminka includes: sweet, sour and savory products, necessary for everyday life of people, products for consumers of all ages, starter products, products used as supplements to meals, after meal products and products used as salads.

The pillar of profit for Vitaminka are its products: “Stobi Flips”, different types of chocolate, “Vitakrem”, mayonnaise, ketchup, “Dafinka” spice, soups, chocolate-coated products, puddings, whipped foam, sour program etc.

The Company has a broad production program, regarding the selection (types of products) as well as the type of packaging. Nowadays, at the company, over 170 types of packaging are probably being manufactured, and they are basically marketed in Republic of Macedonia and in about 25 other countries in the world.

Most of the products that Vitaminka sells abroad are placed on the markets in Serbia, Montenegro, Australia, Germany, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Switzerland, Netherlands and others. The annual export is within the limits of about 6.5 million DM, out of the total earned income of about 30 million DM, with a notable tendency to increase.




Prilepska Pivarnica AD (Prilep Brewery JSC), Prilep




Mikrosam LLC, Prilep