Municipality of Prilep
Municipality of Prilep
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Road network

Prilep is connected, by a modern regional road, with the capital city, other municipalities, tourist centers and larger cities in Republic of Macedonia, especially with the border crossing Medzitlija via Bitola towards Greece, with Krushevo, as well as Prespa-Ohrid tourist area.

Major travel routes are Prilep - Bitola, Prilep - Ohrid (through Resen), Prilep - Kicevo and travel route Prilep – Veles - Skopje.

Prilep is connected by railway to the south with the city of Bitola, and to the north with Skopje and Veles as well as the neighboring countries.

The road network in the municipality has a length of 87.1 km.

The length of the streets in the city (50% asphalt, 7% gravel, 43% dirt) is 205.5 km.