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Municipality of Prilep
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The most significant marble site is the mine Sivec which is the largest one and approximately 10 kilometers away from Prilep. There exist other mines for marble at the sites Trojaci, Pletvar and Belovodica. There are granite mines in Kukul and Sliva. The area where the white marble mine “Sivec” is situated, belongs to the massif southwest of Babuna Mountain. The heart of the mine is at the intersection between the mountains Babuna and Kozjak and it stretches into a northwest-southeast direction, with 3 km length and 2 km width. Most of the marble comes out on the surface in most part of its spanning and it acquires grey colour due to atmospheric conditions, and this is where the toponym “Sivec” originates from.

sivec1.jpgCommunication relations of the mine are very good. It is 10 km away from Prilep, and 8 km of that road are paved, while the last 2 km is macadam but during the year the entire road is passable. This good communication link with Prilep, a city whose roads connect the mine not only with the rest of Macedonia but also go outside our country, in Europe and worldwide, is of great significance for the distribution of white marble which is delivered to the end buyers in blocks and slabs.