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Education and employment


University education

University "St. Kliment Ohridski "- Bitola,
Faculty of Economics and Tobacco Institute.

Secondary education
(4 years)

Grammar school, general studies and mathematics
Trade-economic school
Tobacco-chemical school
Medical School Center
Electro-mechanical school center

Primary education
(8 years)

7 primary schools in the city
Music school

Primary education
(4 years)

6 schools in the settlements

Preschool education

4 kindergartens (children aged 9 months to 7 years - in groups)


Primary schools

„Blaze Koneski“

Primary school Blaze Koneski is located in the district Tochila and Varosh, where there is a building where classes from 1 to 4 grade are held, and includes students from both districts. In regards to the openness of the school for including new projects, last school year active teaching was introduced in 5th grade for these subjects: Macedonian language, Biology, History and Geography as well as the 7th grade project, in the school. The classes are taught in two shifts in the building in district Tochila. Preschool groups also work in two shifts. In the facility in Varosh, there are 16 cabinets for holding classes.

In 2002/2003 1,306 students divided in 44 classes were enrolled (21 classes, of which 4 are in Varos district, are from from 1 to 4 grade, and 23 classes from 5th to 8th grade). There are 5 preschool groups of which one is in the building in Varosh district.

The school employees are: principle, pedagogue, psychologist, librarian, 62 teachers (of which 12 are professors). Of these 21 teacher is in 1 to 4 grade education, 5 are in preschool education, and the rest are in 5 to 8 grade education.


„Kliment Ohridski“

Elementary school "Kliment Ohridski" is located in central urban area. It organizes classes for students from 1-8 grade. Within the school, special classes from 1-8 grade in the village Mazhuchishte are held. The classes are taught in two school buildings with 28 classrooms and one building in village Mazhuchishte. Classes are held in the classical way (not in separate cabinets) with the exception of the subject technical education, for which two cabinets and a cabinet for the same subject for the students from the special classes are equipped. Physical education classes are held in equipped gym and asphalted handball court. A dental clinic also works in the school.

Despite regular classes in the school are realized extracurricular activities in which large number of students take part. The school has 52 teachers of which 13 are with university education and 7 defectologists for students from the special classes.


„Kire Gavriloski“

This school was founded in 1962 and then it counted 402 students.
In the academic year 2002/2003, the school counted 982 students plus 72 students from preschool age. It has 36 classes and another 3 groups of preschool age. 46 educators are employed at the school of which 11 are professors and 35 are teachers. Classes are held in cabinets.


„Dobre Jovanoski“

Elementary school "Dobre Jovanoski" Prilep, located in the local community Trizla was built back in 1954 and is one of the older schools in the municipality of Prilep. Almost half-century in the old school building, untill today, nothing was done in terms of repair, extension or reconstruction. The school classes are attended by more than 1300 students, divided in 24 classes from 1-4 grade and three preschool groups.

What is specific about this school is the ethnic structure of the students. Namely, from the total number of students from 1 to 4 grade, 50% are Roma and from 5 to 8 grade that number halves and amounts to 27%. Another problem that is characteristic for this school and which is continuously present is the irregular attendance to classes, especially of a part of the Roma students. Just to illustrate, we will mention the example of the fifth grade classes where the number of unexcused absences is the biggest, of which 2/3 belong to the Roma students.

The main goal of all school employees is to create conditions for higher quality classes and extracurricular activities.


„Goce Delchev“

Primary school "Goce Delchev" started working in the academic year 1974/75. The premises and the spatial conditions meet the standards and requirements for smooth realization of the classes and in general, the educational process.

The school conducts curriculum from 1-8 grade in 40 classes with 3 preschool groups. It is equipped with the necessary furniture and inventory, adequate to its purpose and it's currently being maintained.

The school also organizes facultative curriculum in the subject Informatics and computers as well as German language.

Goce Delchev school is open for cooperation with the social environment in interest of improving the educational process and activities associated with the work program.