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Municipality of Prilep
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Relief features allow expansion of the urban area to the fields, i.e. west, southwest and south, which is used quite extensively in the past 2-3 decades of the last century.

The general decline of the terrain is very favorable for construction as well as for efficient drainage of storm and waste waters. Overall inclination of the entire urban area is about 100 m. (from 740 meters above sea level in the highest parts of Varosh to about 640 meters above sea level in the south western parts of the work zone). The average decline of the terrain in direction north-south is approximately 2.5%. The general decline along the course of Orevoechka River in northeast-southwest direction from the base of "Macedonia-route" to the end of the urban area in the working zone was 0.7%. Inclinations of the field perpendicular to Orevoechka River from northwest (Marko's Towers) range from 8% to 0.2% and the southeast (from the slopes of Mount Selecka) also of about 6% to 0.2%.

The geological structure of the terrain within the scope of the urban area provides the usual way of foundation of small, medium and high buildings (up to P +10 floors), although the occurrence of soil with lower loads and smaller consolidation has not been excluded. For the larger part there are sandy lake loam sediments as well as alluvial and diluvial layers. Most common soils for foundation depth up to 2.0 m are the gravel-sands which load up to 280 to 300 kN/m2, clay-sand 120-200 kN/m2. For the foundation of buildings with heights greater than P +3 floors, and for specific structures with large spreads, special local soil surveys within the facility gabarit are obligatory.

Based on previous seismic surveys and macroseismic regionalization of the territory of Macedonia, the expected maximum earthquakes from either local or remote hot spots within the urban area will be manifested with epifocal intensity up to VII ° according to the Mercalli scale. So far, there hasn't been a microseismic study for the city of Prilep.