Municipality of Prilep
Municipality of Prilep
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Climate tourism

Republic of Macedonia as well as municipality of Prilep as part of it, belongs to the moderate continental climate. Municipality of Prilep and its surroundings are at 550-700 meters altitude, also Prilep field is surrounded by high mountains (1500m) which determine the moderate continental climate.

The average annual minimum temperature according to the measuring point in Prilep is 6,1° while the absolute maximum temperature is up to 39,4 °. These temperatures are higher than the absolute maximum temperatures in Struga, Resen, Ohrid and Bitola.

The icing period varies from maximum 180 days to minimum 136 days as a result of climate trends in the Pelagonia Valley.

Prilep with its important tourist sites has 203 days with snow, while Krushevo 359. Small amounts of rainfall throughout the year (500-600 mm) are the reason for the weaker sources of water.